As Requested

It's great when people request art. Or unicorns. In fact, the two seem to have an eery closeness to my life, but I'm not looking a gift robot unicorn in the mouth. I'll just be over here drawing.

Mona-Lisa top-of-my-Christmas Request List

Watch out, they will burn you.

As Requested: ALVINBOT

As Requested: Find the Unicorns.

Wait. Something is nagging at me..
So I wasn't just hearing things when he said he'd be back.

Well anyway

Hasta la vista.


Painting and Other Things I Like

As I am on the digital painting tack of late, practice is my boyfriend; practice is my girlfriend. Practice is my hot hot love. This piece began as a short exercise, but as I worked I realized I wanted it to have at least some amount of finish. This is about 1.5 hours, and I'm happy with where it is now. Check out production below:

Please note I do not own the rights to the photo used, which is part of a gorgeous collection by Pierre dal Corso. His photography is very illustrative -- somewhat in mind of Sam Weber, etc. -- and very worth a peek for anyone interested.

Ahh I love digital painting so much. I'm sorry I don't have anything finished to show you yet. To be sure, I'm of a guilty conscience. In consolation, here are two camels.

ttfn, you all