I'm Working Too Much To Write You Every Day

I think I am going to be switching majors... uugh. It sounds like kind of a hassle. I'm not sure if it will cost more money or if I'll have to take a lot of classes I don't want to, or of course whether I'll be getting coveted Degree anytime soon.. but then it will most likely be worth it, anyway, right? Last night I was looking through the course catalog, highlighting courses from any major that I really wanted to take. And when I finished the damage read a whopping Fine Arts: 14, Illustration: 3. ... I guess it's no wonder I felt like a big fat chunk of lead last semester. Well. This has happened before, and I have yet to talk to "officials", so we'll see. For now I think the direction is overwhelmingly -->Painting.

Two gouache paintings (ala prima?)

And muni:

Ah muni. :)


Cindy Liu said...

Really cool stuff, and I love your style. Glad to actually finally actually talk to you. =]

Anonymous said...

"sigh"..... I wish I can be expressive and loose like you.

isabella said...

oh erin, u and your squishy boobs ladies are creating envy in me.
no wounder my first thought was to kill u.....just kidding, i adore u and ur ladies