Last Pieces

Finally, an Update!

So I've been taking things pretty easy since graduating, which has been awesome (There is no homework ever again. Never. Has this processed yet?), and catching up on a lot of other important life stuff, which makes my mother feel better. But yesterday I sat down and realized that it's really time to get down to it. If you don't use it, it unfortunately leaves much faster than you ever feel it should. So in order to avoid that, I'm aiming to have a completely new portfolio a year from now, something that the fantastic Sam Weber recommended in his recent interview with sidebarnation.com. Great artist, even better advice.

During this year, my biggest goal artwise is just to come to some sort of conclusion or make the decisions I have to make about where this is all going. There are so many themes and styles I'm playing around with still, but it feels like that's going to change now that the direct influence of school has been lifted. I'm going to miss everyone (and Federal, dear Federal) so much. But this is good.

There are a couple of shows I've been invited to contribute to that should be happening around March or April, and I'm extremely excited for them and very grateful to Dave and Matt, as well. And then there is the continuing unknown that is looking for illustration jobs, the excitement over which I think I finally understand: Who cares what they want me to draw; they're actually paying me to do this? :D I want to tutor students, or teach lessons. I want to work in a bakery; I want to get a studio; I sort of want to move to Oakland. ... Everything is crazy, and exciting, and crazy.

Additionally, final completions on the website are happening now! www.erinfellows.com should be viewable within the next few days. Hooray!!

Here are some quick studies from last semester.

I still have so far to go. But at least now I have 50 more canvases to paint over. :P