Zombie Attack


Eccentric Illustration


isabella said...

omg.....i love the eccentric ill one!!!!
the other one is great too but i love that bottom one...i would buy it if i had money

George Cwirko-Godycki said...

these are both really nice

kristenka said...

will you be my art teacher?

ernesto said...

hey there.
man that eccentric piece is really awesome
it looks like one big awesome happy accident.
have you ever done anything else like that.
hope you stay busy this summer

Bombproof said...

wow, i really like some of your paintings on here, keep it up!

Kevin Blagrave said...

the eccentric Ill one is now my desktop background :)

Urban Hermit said...

1) the odds of me finding your blog with the "next blog" button are ridiculous -_-

2) i like these particular pieces

Erin Fellows said...

What! Firoz, you're kidding me!
You were searching, don't lie :P

And Ernesto, check out the "Love Toy" pieces I'm going to put up.... whenever I get around to updating again... they are based on the eccentric ill. one :)