Making Mercy Like Molasses

that afternoon you were angry with me
but i promised in my head and to the grooves in the tile that it wasn't my fault.
a hundred thousand ants might crawl under our stove from the back of your black pattern sandals
but you wouldn't have noticed.

the backyard is wet, now, with the first fall rain;
the snow sneaks up on boots.

my locket is empty now.
Deringer's piece of smithery, now, a brief memorandum on summer's throat.

I'm taking the sinner to the bath.


Em said...

sweet panels, erin! love the.. uhm. carcass...lol.

It was nice to bump into you again that day.

Evan Johnsen said...

You've got some fantastic stuff on her, Erin.
All that stand against you...
Will get served...

Erica said...

I love this second one. SO MUCH. I want to hang it on my wall. Do you do a lot of pen and ink?

Erin Fellows said...

hey erica! :) not too much, to be honest.. that's why it was hard to post this one. Especially as I don't think comics are my strong point. But thank you! Totes encouraging.