So Long Ago It All Meant Much More Than This


Encouraging journal entries..

Plane flights..*

*American Airlines seats are the most detestable seats I've ever sat in - ever.

Blatant style rip-offs which neither fully succeed nor really belong on a public blog but which nonetheless make things seem not quite at an end when it's most important..

Thank you for all the lonely rooms, and for so much more.

And now as we begin the semester once again..

Assignment #1: icons..

A month of black and white, but then, I should remember that it is fall. Lovely.


Anonymous said...

"sigh".... i wish i can be creative and graphic like you.

David said...

i like that second icon. with the hair blowing.

Emerson said...

OMG ERIN IS THIS REALLY YOU?! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU GOT AN ARTBLOG!! Gyahhhh! So many awesome stuff going on here. Your stuff really has improved! :D Keep it up! Ima gonna add you to my links you crazy person you.

Anonymous said...

more squishy boobs plz!

ehh don't be confused. lol, those were from fine arts clothed figure painting class, which i'm takin now.
next semesters is a mixed class:Intro to clothed fig painting and advance clothed figure painting in one.

Albert Ramos said...

Nice :)